About Us

SMASH FM 88.1 is the most listened to radio station by the youths who form sixty percent of the population and had yearned for a ‘youth-centric’ radio station with a heart for them in terms of music and general contents.Our offerings from ‘current and ever-popping’ playlists to ‘quiz shows’, ‘concise news packages’, diverse countdown flavors, quality interviews with top celebrities, platforms for upcoming artists, community-based events and many more.
Our On-Air Personalities are young, vibrant, cerebral and in touch with trends on all front to provide an enjoyable source of entertainment, music and credible source of information and strengthen the community we operate in

To entertain, inform and educate our listeners and grow a love of international and local music, thus broadcasting the best of both worlds with an emphasis on promoting local talents and content.

SMASH FM’s core audience, a.k.a ‘Smashers’, are aged between 18-444 years, and maybe… younger or, older!
They have the ability to multi-task their daily activities and thus, rely on SMASH FM to get them through the hustle with great music and amazing contents that help ‘ease’ the stress of the day.
They are outgoing, trendy and enjoy spending time with their loved ones.
Our listners love to share their thoughts on issues of interest. They love to be heard!